Señor Chocolate

Organic - Chocolate Milk 

Served in Chilled Glass 

Our Melbourne Milk Co blended beautifully with Melbourne's beautifully handcrafted chocolate artists. 

Our Cacao is farmed on señor Chocolate family farm in Northwestern Ecuador.  

Señor Chocolate's secret recipe and handed down through time 5 family recipes make the most luxurious Chocolate Milk drinks. 

Señor Chocolate's recipes are his secret and handed down through his family. He has joined with Melbourne Milk Co to make Australia's favourite flavoured Chocolate Milk drinks. 


Chocolate Milk

Australia Finest Chilled Fresh Full Cream Milk with extra Cream on-top Chocolate Milk. Mixed and blend with our own Chocolate grown on our own señor Chocolate s farm in Ecuador South American special for our Premium Chocolate Milk. We serve our Chocolate Milk which we make dill in glass bottles and we pour and blend fresh for you in our store. Bringing the worlds premium hand grown Cacao with Australia's premium Victorian Fresh Full Cream Milk. Ecstasy


Organic Chocolate Milk

Victorian Fresh and made in Victoria The Creamiest Full Cream Milk with more cream on-top for you to taste how Milk in its original state especially for a special mix with our CaCao from Ecuador mixed in-store by Señor Chocolate. Señor grows his Cacao with his 7 brothers and mother and father on their farm in North-Western Ecuador - the world's premium Cacao region especially for the beautiful blend witH our Organic Victorian farmed Fresh Milk. You will love the cacao residue at the bottom of the glass bottle and your chilled glass in our store


Chocolate Sauce

The secret family recipe handed down now through five generations from Constance's mother Constance. Constance first put her recipe in her Recipe Cookbook in 1933 and left our s secret ingredient that now we include in our famous Chocolate Sauce. Here you will experience a sauce made in a 1920's Melbourne kitchen by one of Australia's leading cooks and entertainers of the time. Add to anything you love with chocolate sauce , try our ice cream or cream - close your eyes and enjoy. We produce Cold or Hot chocolate sauces

Served in glass for Ice cream, and all your high 

served in a glass jar 250ml.