The recipe for our milk cream is straight from Constances dairy recipe box. Her cream and baking is legendary.


This is where the phrase was first said by her daughter Mary-Jane "The Goddess of Milk" 

The Thicken Cream is so creamy and silky and many start tasting from our famous ceramic and glass jars and cannot stop scooping. 

As the name suggests, Dairy Farmers Thickened Cream is thicker in texture than pure cream and holds its shape well after beating. The perfect cream to use in desserts such as trifles, as topping on a cake or pavlova; or just whipped and dolloped on pies or a hot fruit crumble.

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Constance famous cream is used each week by Mary-Jane in her very famous Cakes and many have east around her table eating her Cake and cream. Moaning in delight. 


Served chilled in 300ml and 500ml jars.