Our Melbourne CBD Store sells all our own products.

Fresh Organic Milk

Fresh Flavoured Organic Milk

Chocolate Milk 

Non-Homogenised Full Cream with Extra Cream On-Top 

Cultured Butter

Thickened Cream 

Ice Cream 


Cheddar Cheese 


We sell our Long-Life products by Australia Milk Company.

Powdered Milk 

Long Life Full Cream Milk 

Long Life Full Cream Chocolate Milk 

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We sell our full range of Australia House Products






Dairy Milk Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate 

Chocolate Sauce

Tomato Sauce 

All our products in our store have our quality name - Australia House on the product, when you see Australia House on our products you know it's the finest Melbourne and Victorian quality made specially in Melbourne and Victoria. 


We make beautiful products for our Melbourne clients. 


Easter Chocolate Eggs (From our famous Dairy Milk Chocolate), Christmas fair, Puddings and cakes, and our Melbourne Crackers, Mince Pies, Chocolate Christmas Australian Money.

Melbourne New Year's Eve Champagne 



We sell our full range of Australia House notebooks, prints, photos, gift cards, calendars, pencils, tea towels, coffee sets, tea serving sets, chocolate milkshakes, and ice chocolate sets. 

Our store is for Melbourne and Melbourne shoppers and visitors to our city. 

Come a join this Melbourne Tradition of supporting Melbourne artists....and Made in Melbourne.