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Our Milk comes from Australia's premier Dairy region - South Western Victoria. The lush green paddocks with our homegrown girls on our organic farmed land. Our girls love eating our fresh grass and breath the freshest air in the Victorian most famous region for dairy cows. 

We love our farm and the region is near Port Fairy and off the Hamilton Highway  The cows are loved and our favourite 3 cows Betsy, Dot and Gertrude we milk twice a day life a loving life with well-kept lands and fresh water and air which makes our creamy beautiful Milk for all our products. 


We are 4 hours from Melbourne and we bring our fresh beautiful Milk to Melbourne daily. 


Our Milk travels on the Hamilton Highway and through Geelong on her way to Melbourne. Our farm is a farm in our loving old way of loving your animals and taking care of the land. 


Our Milk is so good because of the air, the water, the soil, the grass and we have no chemicals. We farm with our hands and we take care with our Milking methods and our storing and methods and logistics to ensure we have the finest quality Milk for our entire dairy range.